Sunday, November 18, 2012

Music, a universal language

What would we do without music? Our life would be pretty empty, right?
I've known people who love music, you probably do not understand, although I do not know what could understand. Because music is not a foreign language is not an indecipherable code, but a universal language.
In the beginning all men spoke the same language:
At that time the whole earth was of one language and one speech at all.
later appeared different dialects, different languages, and people could not communicate with them than locally.
But music remained, vibrations are the same, they do not su change. All that changed was the pace, no vibration.
Music is divided into several categories, according to many criteria, often say that a song is noise. That's because everything is vibration and noise. But music is the vibration that brings peace and happiness. Universal language of music may be sound but those vibrations beneficial.
The very few times when we listen to what we think it is, just like when you look at the sky, or when admiring a flower. Do not ask what is with them, but their beauty consumers.
Call good music that music that makes us happy, but often can be a harmful pleasure, because we like to eat more sweet but pleasure is not healthy. The same music, we like because we got used to certain rhythms, and although they can be harmful and us to know this, pleasure wins the battle.
Studies have proven that Bach's music is beneficial flowers for the rock music is bad. And man is like flower, just as man is careless. If we turn the radio or tv. we are assaulted by all kinds of music, so we feel we really are noise, a pleasant noise, but still noise. Perhaps if we listen too much pounding a jackhammer we get used to that pace and we will love it eventually, for pleasure, taste: while it educates.
Music is a vibration, a universal language, the only language common to all species on Earth and beyond, but many reference works vibrations that produce real music, music that addresses the soul, not just your ears. For vibration is the earthquake, but a destructive vibration.
Music speaks to us in the most simple and harmonious way of communication, just to listen. Actually everything around us speaks through music, the wind hissing from 'noise' raindrops from the leaves rustle chirping birds, from tiny atom to the farthest star in the galaxy, everything is vibration, a vibration harmonic divine music.
It is a shame that many vibrations were used to build music around them strange religions, mystical mystery everything, when in reality the music is Divine gift to us all. If we appreciate it or not, if it deformed or not, it's all about us.

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