Friday, November 16, 2012

War and Peace

When we talk about war, we imagine guns, soldiers, tanks, planes, heroes, martyrs ..... that there are different wars with neighbors, colleagues, certain concepts, etc., is another story, which I write once. Today I want to imagine the unseen war, made a few people. I call, secret agents, strategists, spies, or whatever.

There is no military conflict between two or more countries without motivation. And there is a war without being provoked. I do not mean now that any war is due to agents, but they have a large number of players in the role. And I say this role, because that they see war as a drama, like a game of chess.
If the rest of the world war is a horrible, devastating reality that people die, lives are destroyed, for it is seen as a strategic game best win!
Interception of telephones, intoxication media disinformation, manipulation, destruction of confidence in the intelligence services of other nations with whom they are in conflict, mercenaries, assassins performance ......
The war is often won by these few people. Can not think, so I'll give you an example logic:
Army x:
  • include 20,000 soldiers
  • they tanks assault
  • are well trained
y army:
  • 10,000 troops
  • not very many tanks
  • are less educated
  • agents were more prepared
Army x, receives orders to attack the left flank, when normally it was around. Why receives this order? Whether their leader is captured and forced to send orders dictated by others or transmission is intercepted or jammed or the channel Transmission is introduced another value.
And so gain information not instruction.

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