Tuesday, November 13, 2012

War for peace

History shows us that our world could never have peace and quiet without war. Matter how we were always pacifists will come someone who wants to control us, to impose their point of view, enslave us. And as if we were diplomats, and no matter how I try to solve amicably, it always leads to conflict.

Only generation that was born in freedom can not understand these truths. And a whole nation has been enslaved, and that the struggle and sacrifice has been issued, if you forget and leave all the past behind without consolidate freedom, will fall back into slavery or dictatorship.
Again follow years of enslavement, until the generation that gave will place another generation, and it may not, but will rise to fight next. And freedom is hard won.
So it between colleagues and between families, or even within a family. So it is with women brutally beaten by monsters called improperly spouses. And run away from home, or lying in hospitals, then reluctantly moved by the husband, coming back to him. And after a few weeks ordeal begins again, with even more aggression.
If hard-won freedom, (break those chains that hold us captive) is respected, left forgotten torment and sacrifice, slavery will come again, and maybe even worse than before.
It should be noted that peace without war look there.

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