Sunday, February 24, 2013

We are tenants on Earth

Many wonder if we are alone in the universe, if there are extraterrestrial civilizations, if parallel universes exist if .... Few but wonder if we deserve home that we have: Planet Earth.

A beautiful planet, perfect, favorable life, as astronomers have found another yet. A planet in a solar system, not too far from the Sun, as such I freeze, not too close to the Sun, because as we melt. A planet with breathable air, drinking water,
with some fixed physical laws with its principles elucidated, all in perfect harmony, and ready to give it all to life.

A planet full of life, beautiful, how can we not like another, and even if there were something more than what we have here, surely I deserve it. In fact we do not deserve even this planet, because we do not know to respect.

If the 'n' reasons I do not have a house, and go to live in a home, whether they pay rent or not, I have to respect certain rules of the house. Homeowner may have valuables, furniture, electronics, expensive carpets, and everything else, I'm not allowed to kill them, get them dirty, scratched, but must protect and maintain them. That requires common sense, it requires that unwritten law of humanity.

Also, the owner of the house where we stay in the host, may you be the block a cat, a dog, a hamster, a parrot, etc, or you can sit in the yard chickens, or who knows what other animals in the yard. We as ordinary tenants have no right to hit or kill these animals because we do not belong. And even if it belongs to us all we have the right to hit them, but especially when we do not belong.

So we see that when we have a house we should have a greater care of the house offered us accommodation. Course we exclude this 'calculation' pigs do not take care of their home or any of the host .

So it is with our home planet. Not ours, it is ours only accommodate us. And accommodated us very well. Just as we do not see or do not want to see and understand this. For our home dirty every day, every day he smoked in digging and some books, I cut forests and poisoned his water and air, live on this planet as if it were a good that belongs to us, without thinking that others come after us, without thinking that at the same time living here and several hundred billion other being dumb.

Cost tragedy that we are rude and ungrateful, we scarcely think of all the things that God gave us this planet. We think that our planet sustain without asking us rent.

Planet Earth is not ours, we just live, we share with all other living beings. And every living organism on earth has its either insects, birds, animals, fish, plants, bacteria, etc.. All (all bodies) working in unison to keep alive the planet, each with its role clearly defined. A chain consists of life for life. And one link in the chain if not longer, the whole system would collapse because each works to another, selfless, altruistic. The only parasite is man. He does not do anything for other beings, only uses them selfish.

God gave us a home, a home that we must be careful, and we managed just 100 years it devastated. How things will over another 100 years? Hard to say, maybe life will never be favorable on the planet. And this is attributable to human, as no other creature on Earth destroys only man. A lodger without paying rent, but ungrateful.

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