Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can not or do not want?

The army told us this:
There can not exist do not.
In some situations there and phrases:
Do not know - you learn. You can not - help. Do not want - you pledge!
And there was still one hell of:
Be smart 5 minutes!

Yes. Yet! I can not fly, unless you throw me on the block. I can not
do something to get my salary from salary to salary, unless you can make a "juggling". I can not be in two places at once, unless you dream. And it would be more like.

To analyze!

be smart 5 minutes!

I mean poorly made pile can be smart five minutes, because the rest of the day is stupid. Can this be? No, because genius can descend to the level of retarded, but never vice versa.

Do not know - you learn. You can not - help. Do not want - you pledge!

I do not know but they teach me. Very nice of them. And they can not help me, great, but who are they? A charitable foundation? I do not want, but they make me. What a nice start, and the slave ends!

There can not exist do not.

Woe, woe, woe! How mother lu 'Stefan's Great to be able to if I can. What will work is possible? That in some cases it does not want, well yes! Just, it may not. If you do not like my muscle, what's the problem? But I want to say no when in fact they can not, it seems exaggerated.

I know someone who has a bad back and can not lift weights effectively. And a smart a sunny day, he asked to help him know not what rubbish bags filled with his. The man politely declined, telling him he can not, that problems with the spine. But according to the law: "There can not exist not want" smart thought that man does not want to help him, and thus became angry.

Question of grade 10: man was entitled to be upset him that says he can not?

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