Monday, April 1, 2013

Revelation and Christian faith

Everyone has heard at least once in life about Revelation and the Bible. But very few have tried to find out why and how.
Revelation, as it promoted, defines a disaster, calamity, war, chaos, disaster, some bad, bad. A time when people will be exterminated or will exterminate themselves, they hope the future will be void.

In the Bible, Revelation is presented as the last historical period after the coming paradise, or fine judgment. For anyone who has read at least once Revelation, noted that the book is extremely complicated, very difficult to understand. However, there are many promises it well. The last chapter ends extraordinarily optimistic believers.
Now, we are assaulted by all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios, thousands of movies, thousands of books, thousands of ideas ... and we are so aloof from these theories that are likely Revelation will come and we will not even notice. Not for nothing but wars have all been disasters as epidemics and so ...
The Christian faith presents Revelation as the last stage in the history of this world full of sin and misery. Unfortunately, the honest man, faithful, many theological idea makes it confusing. He no longer knows what to do and how. That's because we have thousands of religions, all Christian. And the whole argument of these religions, they all throw mud from one to another, make ordinary people to hate religion and implicit faith.
Today I tried something on net, something about the apocalypse, and I came across a site I will not give names, a site that falsely accuse other religions and heresy. And makes a non-Christian language. And even if the evidence of them was at all, only just 'mouth' was her. Now, I'm not an educated man, but what I try to throw mud at someone as long as I have no idea what I'm saying and I contradict myself.
I think it's just human to something I believe that only I am right, although visible evidence say otherwise. But a Christian would be peace and harmony, but it is not. In fact, world history's most bloody wars were religious. Sometimes one comes in so hal moral degradation that uses the name of God for his actions fulfill their demonic.
And honestly believe that if religion will one day rule the world, chaos it will rightly be called Revelation. For I have seen defenders of certain doctrines worse than sinners neighborhood, and if these people had the power would destroy all who would think and act like them.'s Why I prefer to be a secular world, secular, not a religious one . A religion and do what everyone wants, as he understands, but state leadership to be nonreligious, or Revelation will come upon us, worse than SF movies.

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