Monday, April 1, 2013

Where is the soul?

In many Christian blogs but not only there, find FOLLOWING listed at least 3 of the words:
  • body
  • soul
  • spirit
  • spirit
Body, I know, because I see in the mirror,
I feel, feed it, dress it, and many other things. Often saddled him with much toil depriving him of rest, but still resist it poor thing.
But the soul, spirit and mind are about one and the same. I mean I do not see why we offer different connotations. Surely somewhere in the mists of time past philosophers have found that splitting hairs found her something special for every word of the above.
Talking with someone, a female person (anonymous) I was surprised by uramtoarea explanation:
The soul is the man himself, so much of it that never dies.
Spirit is life which circulates in humans.
Spirit is all one soul.
How does one have gotten her to this conclusion? Of the spirit is the same as soul and spirit not? Or from where to where "soul is man, that part of you does not die"?
I understand that man consists of two parts, not three: body and mind. Perhaps we could introduce a third party: emotions, just emotions keep in mind all the way. So man is the same as the brain, that any other human organ transplant can change the brain does not.
Many people confuse the mind with the soul, giving soul qualities supernatural entity, hence the thousands of ghosts that haunt the fantasy series, or folktales. If Eastern religions the soul is presented as an entity in one day will be one with the divine in Christianity seems that things go all in there. Yet, from what we read in Genesis (Genesis), God created Adam and Eve from the earth (dirt) without any soul they poured into an entity, then followed the man to give birth to another man. So, a Christian man is born of another man becomes a living soul, just one day die. And not only the body dies, the soul of the universe will to suspect awry.
Immortal soul is a delusion, Satan told Eve in Eden will not die, but Eva died. If the soul were immortal, why do we need Christ? Since we are immortal and why Christ he gave His life for ours?

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