Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Debt Life

There are things we do instinctively, that once learned no longer looking. Let us consider an example to ordinary walking to swimming, or cycling, we learned they were born with, but I have learned along the way. And once learned, not watching them, we use them for life. There are many beautiful things in life that we do automatically that we are glad if by unfortunate circumstances, we lose those skills we would be very upset, without the joy that makes every day to be a pleasant one.

There are certain principles that coordinates both our lives and everything that happens around us. Using our one of them to illustrate what we will tell you more. Namely, that: an asset, an important feature once lost, is worse than when I had it before. Imagine a worst case scenario, a middle-aged man, de35 years lose their sense of sight. For he is a boundless tragedy. We could say that the loss is indescribable, and that his life will never be the same something important he died. But at the same time to take the case of a man who was born with this handicap, he has never seen, for it is normal not to see, he does not know like to see. So punanad these two men face to face, who lost his eyesight is very unfortunate that unlike never saw. I hope I have been as clear in this explanation.

Someone knows how to ride a bike, write and read, to be a good man to do the right thing. But it was born with these skills? No way! Someone always watched until learned, good character traits have emerged, developing harmoniously. Without education, without anyone to lose their time in service to someone else (like: children), we never have people competent, reliable, trustworthy. We shall never have the society we want to have.

We have a huge duty in our lives, making those children, you grow and educate. This will be the loss of time and sacrifices.

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