Saturday, January 18, 2014

Money, money, money!

 We live in a world where if you have money you can not do anything, not even to live. As everything is money, food, clothing, transportation, housing, taxes, education, health, recreation, etc..

And money are increasingly harder to win, and increasingly easier to spend. Are higher, all kinds of ways, better or less good, some illegal even to make money. And more people, embedded in debt without a

prospect of a more secure future financially decide to risk in these methods. Hoping to find a winning solution for many waste any time and even money chasing windmills, so-called 'money overnight'.

I'm not saying it would not be true methods that do really money. Yes! But not that night, not without a lot of work. When you find an idea to be analyzed from all perspectives. If you are not 100% right for it: give up. Find something else!

Many people were fooled by Multi Level Marketing others all kinds of pyramid schemes. They wasted so much valuable time and money, and did not fix anything. Others were left with debts to banks that were swayed coach told a nice idea, but impossible.

There are others who have turned to gambling, big mistake!

Yet, there are people who have discovered the secret:

Sick-May work for others, risking everything went their own. And after many sleepless nights, hunger can be doing for days, leaving aside other activities and pleasures, after a while they saw and expected results. What I mean is that no sacrifice can not just those who are ready money, who inherit a fortune, who wins the lottery, they are plentiful, but it is not for us recipes others.

  You find an activity that you enjoy! You go on it, and fight your way up you will succeed you.

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