Friday, January 31, 2014

Order in Chaos

If you come into my shop (toolshed) you get the impression that he had just robbed, vandalized. But is not that the chaos there is order, and I know every song or utensil where it is positioned. Thus, if I go at 2 am and the light would be stopped, I have no flashlight or fine, any light source available, I would find what I'm looking.

Right. Order in chaos. Some time ago I heard a story that resembles a kind of order from the chaos of my tool shed.

    A teacher, an engineer, 15 years studying a cure. His secretary, who for 15 years served him coffee, he brought letters and makes shopping, and cleaning his lab, he moved his family to another city. So the teacher was forced to hire another secretary, or finally, the housekeeper.

    First day of the woman. What teacher had to hold a speech this morning, he arrived shortly after lunch at the lab. And saw the woman sweaty and satisfied with the results of her work. Entered his room and work: all notes, all drafts, all missing. It was clean as a whistle.

    Teacher asked half-heartedly:

    Where are my notes that were stuck on the wall? And piles of drafts?

    -I threw them into the fire. I cleaned all the mess. Now you can work more easily. Said to have made ​​a happy woman up the good work.

    -Know what you threw your fire was actually my job for 15 years.

    She is stuck, not knowing what to say. Immediately realized that the teacher had not garbage but the results of laboratory work and research in raw form ... although it seems garbage.

    She wanted to say something, but the words he comes out of his mouth. Remaining as a statue with mouth ajar.

    -It's nothing, 'said the professor. Another time to be more careful!

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