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Plastic Bank Card

Before people used barter in trade, and then gold, then gold coins, silver, etc..
Then, with the explosion of industrial and economic growth, the needs have become more and more and had need of nothing. In large transactions, it was impossible to pay out in coins. For example, someone (a company) wanted to sell 1000 pieces of a valuable product. It took bags full of coins, so he introduced a new element of trading: bill. A piece of paper is worth more, weighs very little and do not take up much space. I mean, the contents of the wallet pote have the value of thousands of products that otherwise cost a few bags of coins.

But things changed, and needs are increasingly more. Money is used in every field and nothing much can be without them. So people and companies have to wear after her wallets, Pochettes, or bags filled with papers (banknotes). For this reason banks have launched new solutions: credit cards.
Bank Card is a piece of plastic emblazoned with some data on it, and some cards have a microchip embedded safety. They can be Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, AmericaExpres, etc.. Details of this mechanism gives bank payment is available on the net. I'll just show how and what to do with him.
If your daily work with money, and I do not mean shopping from corner kiosk satrazii, I recommend keeping your money safe in a bank card.
How can credit card?
You go to a bank that you want, and complete your request in this regard. Depending on the bank's policy, you'll have several types and kinds of accounts and card offers.
Commercial banks attract money from clients through bank accounts (deposits) they representing a major source of funds.
The main accounts are:
-Current accounts (also called demand deposits) in which account holders can perform operations receipts and current payments
-Deposit accounts (deposits) in which deposits are made for a set time period (1, 3, 6 or 12 months).
Current accounts and the deposit can be:
- Or foreign currencies;
- Natural or legal persons.
Card: Debit - to pay bills, rates, etc.
credit (discovery card) for payments to merchants and ATM withdrawals
where intra-salary pay
Current account, where you and all your submitted your take off when you have your needs.
How do we get money from the ATM?
-Introduce it special slot card and enter their PIN, which gave us the bank with the card. (Depending on the bank which granted the PIN can change the ATM.)
-Select (depending on the ATM), the account of which we want to get money. Some ATMs allow all ATM and deposit money to avoid queues at the counters. Example of banks: ING Bank , Garanti Bank . Press the button next to the desired amount and then enter or ok. We will ask if we want a receipt or not. Choose your by apasaea corresponding button. After you have raised money and optionally bill, some ATM card will be returned immediately, others will ask if you want another transaction. Click your appropriate button.
How to buy from the merchants?
Simple. Go to a store that offers this feature generally large genre magazinela Cora Carfoure, we make purchases, fill our baskets with what we are looking for, and pay with credit card house. How? Inman platforms to house our bank card. This will introduce a device called POS, we will award nine other device that will key secret PIN code. Pay attention to the amount stated on the device will not wake yourself that you have paid more. If everything is guys all right, you will be given a voucher that you have to sign your card and you will return. Be careful not to forget we're there!

How to buy online?

Choose your products, put them in the cart, specify the person or company, method of delivery, billing method, the modality of payment. Selecting the credit card you will be redirected to another page, secure, where you will enter your personal details, like name, identification number, etc.. Then your card. An example ave you below:

    card number;
    expiration date;
    CVV2 or CVC2 (if your card has such a code, usually passed on verso);
    3D Secure password (if your card is enrolled in the 3D Secure).


The statement of account is a report of transactions that have been incurred in a period of 30 days. Statement of account may be sent home to the post for a fee, or we could watch you online in a secure page.

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