Friday, January 31, 2014

The Real beauty

Beauty, definition: Category fundamental aesthetics which reflects human appropriation to feel emotion in front of works of art, natural phenomena and objects etc. and objective source available is symmetric parts of objects, specific combination of colors, harmony of sounds, etc ....... that love, admiration finds morally.
From the social perspective, human beauty is either exterior or interior, even one to another. Hard to find a beautiful person inside and outside.
In general in our society outer beauty has become a required standard in both showbiz and for all. Too few
still focus on the inner side, the main fact, that makes us what we are: people.
The beauty of a noble character
<< - In a famlie, three children, a financial grandfather someday day comes trouble. Husband dies in a freak accident. He was the one who brought money into the house, and had enough rates to banks, for the comfort of it cost more. Followed hard times. Banks sounded daily utility bills increased. The widow was forced to sell the goods of the house one by one. And the days passed, it became more difficult their situation.
There is a man older than her, and she wished much. Now all visit and beat them hints about the fact that one will not do and that she needs a man in the house, especially has three children. Of course he was talking about. Widow was a woman or whore or bad. He knew what to expect if she agrees to be his wife.
But they were children. They needed food, clothing, education, etc.. The orphanage was a very good decision.
And many nights of anguish, fierce battles with his own conscience, desperate attempts to find a solution ...... nothing.
Then decided. Will marry him! ....... And so he did. There followed years of torment. This man was the exact opposite of all that was her ex-husband. He had all kinds of habits, from the strange to the sadistic. But she endured it all, baby. He sacrificed his life for her (because her life was now better to have died with her ex-husband, so he kept saying it).
Former boyfriend laughed at her as just married this asshole. Derided it as sold for money. And so it was. Sold for money. But not for herself but for her children.
Years passed, and this second husband died too. He was much older than her, and helped all his vices end came relatively quickly.
And though a man's death is a bad thing, she breathed a sigh of relief. With his death throes they ended. And looking back at her childhood dreams, in all the years of her life, one good thing to see: her own CHILDREN. >>
Here is an example of inner beauty, noble character who aside from everything he wanted to do what was needed.
Adam Family
<< - Two neighboring families do not get along at all. Adam see his family should, but not Thomas family.
One day when the husband and wife Adam were away at work, their house caught fire. That's because their children were playing with matches in the house. Education on their parents was a poor.
Meanwhile Mr. Adam came home. And when the flames coming through the roof avzut neighbors did not think for a moment the problems created by the Thomas family children, no troubles what has caused Mr. and Mrs. Thomas in the past, but jumped through the fire and the bare hands saved two children mischievously.
Burnt his hands and face in this heroic act. The scars remain visible for a long time. Yet Thomas family after he repaired somewhat moved back home and it proved to be the same spirit of Groundhog and mischievous. Moreover, somehow put the fire out Adam family.
3 years have passed since then, and one evening a very strong storm, a hurricane overtook the city. And as Thomas family home has not repaired properly, the hurricane has devastated her.
Staying outdoors with raindrops pierced their clothes to skin shivering cold, went door to door to all the neighbors, but no one opened. Adam family did not dare. But Mr Adam had a special character. I took pity on her and called him. They came and spent the night there and the next day, Mr. Adam and took off work and helped to repair the house.
Something happened. Mr. Thomas, and indeed the whole family, seeing what is not thought possible. Cate wickedness made ​​them the Adam family and other neighbors, and who just did not expect, that helped. Adecis to change their way of life and be a good man. Children Thomas family have chosen as a model in life Mr. Adam and threw it in the trash all music CDs 'hip-hop', their old pattern of life, rebel. >>
The beauty of a noble character is seen in all aspects of our lives, but most of all he comes out in critical situations.
Outer beauty is vain. What is good and beautiful is not necessarily the eye outward. It is on the inside.

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