Saturday, January 25, 2014

There is something beyond the boundary of life?

There is something beyond the boundary of life? We are a supernatural creation or evolution of mollusks?

Moral ethics we learn a new people, or has deeper roots and?

What is our role here?

These questions and more when we put them alone with our conscience. During a stressful day, busy, or when we see a movie, a book citm etc. when our brain is at a time is not and can not think in depth. But left to ponder, to meditate, to look at everything around him, these questions will seize.

Scientists wonder how big is the universe, and where it ends as those studying macrocosm. There are many unknowns in our world that I would like to know, and some of them are more pressing than others.

Who created us?

Is there something after death?

And everyone will find a propiu response to this question.

For some people it is unimportant who created us and why it happened then at the beginning. They too seem to be preoccupied with other issues more or less important, and let indifference realize this.

Others are convinced that evolution from nothing to something is stupid, and help your novels and science fiction genre Satria Trek have come to believe that we are the product of genetic experiete, and the earth is a race of aliens than laboratory more evolved than us. Of course invented a doctrine, not that of Christianity, but they come with a set of values ​​and assumptions mixed with fanciful imagination.

Leaving aside the aberration sec. XXI, and trying to understand Christianity as an ideology, we see that our society still has solutions. And we wonder why some organizations are struggling or less secret intelligence to destroy him, so it was clear in this flick with DaVinci Code, or other SF.

Making a shift among the most widespread religions, cultures and movements, we see an aspect that can not be overlooked: namely, that the laws of the Ten Commandments of the Bible are found in the laws of any country in our world. Moreover, when the Christian faith was rejected, disaster and lawlessness have embraced the towns, villages and cities. (But who does not want does not understand) As an example I will give the communist period. But one undeniable example is the aftermath of the French Revolution, when the terror, betrayal, murder and plenty of outrages have invaded the country. To better understand the horrors of your period, you have to understand that one day they commit crimes as a full year before the disaster.

And since we brought up that period, must specify that the church (religion), led by irresponsible people, and having the influence it had then, can commit unspeakable abuses and crimes. And how many innocent people have been tortured, and killed punished in every way by the church, the church at the helm who were irresponsible people, and who used God and the church to rule and enslave. And in those cases, enemies of the Christian faith, come and throw mud very often with justice.

That's because not take account of an essential truth:

No religion requirement, crestinsmul, or church are a problem, but people misinterpret them and force others to accept their interpretation. Or worse those who use it for petty purposes.

I will post on this topic and on another occasion. Until then, see you soon!

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