Friday, January 31, 2014

What does it alive

We know the cycle of life: we are born, grow, become adults and do various things, including among our children, age, .. die.
Beyond chemical reactions, interactions of physical factors beyond everything that biology or genetics, man is much more. Analyzing every aspect of his life, and every part of his body: marvel. So well done! A perfect machine. Never man will not be able to reproduce it.
Yet what is life? What does it mean to live?

Order in Chaos

If you come into my shop (toolshed) you get the impression that he had just robbed, vandalized. But is not that the chaos there is order, and I know every song or utensil where it is positioned. Thus, if I go at 2 am and the light would be stopped, I have no flashlight or fine, any light source available, I would find what I'm looking.

Right. Order in chaos. Some time ago I heard a story that resembles a kind of order from the chaos of my tool shed.

The Real beauty

Beauty, definition: Category fundamental aesthetics which reflects human appropriation to feel emotion in front of works of art, natural phenomena and objects etc. and objective source available is symmetric parts of objects, specific combination of colors, harmony of sounds, etc ....... that love, admiration finds morally.
From the social perspective, human beauty is either exterior or interior, even one to another. Hard to find a beautiful person inside and outside.
In general in our society outer beauty has become a required standard in both showbiz and for all. Too few

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Plastic Bank Card

Before people used barter in trade, and then gold, then gold coins, silver, etc..
Then, with the explosion of industrial and economic growth, the needs have become more and more and had need of nothing. In large transactions, it was impossible to pay out in coins. For example, someone (a company) wanted to sell 1000 pieces of a valuable product. It took bags full of coins, so he introduced a new element of trading: bill. A piece of paper is worth more, weighs very little and do not take up much space. I mean, the contents of the wallet pote have the value of thousands of products that otherwise cost a few bags of coins.

Children our joy

Like everything good in our lives have their children time and their purpose. And we were kids, some of us would like to be still, and know that this part of life (childhood) is the most beautiful. Without worry, without many problems, no stress ...

But this part of life to be the most beautiful must meet certain conditions: health, appropriate social environment, love of parents, health education ... how God takes care of the new remains our duty to supervise the various accidents from happening, to educate and provide our children affection.

There is something beyond the boundary of life?

There is something beyond the boundary of life? We are a supernatural creation or evolution of mollusks?

Moral ethics we learn a new people, or has deeper roots and?

What is our role here?

These questions and more when we put them alone with our conscience. During a stressful day, busy, or when we see a movie, a book citm etc. when our brain is at a time is not and can not think in depth. But left to ponder, to meditate, to look at everything around him, these questions will seize.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Money, money, money!

 We live in a world where if you have money you can not do anything, not even to live. As everything is money, food, clothing, transportation, housing, taxes, education, health, recreation, etc..

And money are increasingly harder to win, and increasingly easier to spend. Are higher, all kinds of ways, better or less good, some illegal even to make money. And more people, embedded in debt without a

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Debt Life 2

I want to continue the debate on this theme not to be misunderstood. It is not socialism in any case! I do not like politics, and anyway, I'm right guidance. I can not imagine a normal life under communism.
Ace'a debt is debt that life has any man ace'a debt left by God:
-To have children, raise them and educate them;
-To help the poor around us;
-To teach the incompetent;

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Debt Life

There are things we do instinctively, that once learned no longer looking. Let us consider an example to ordinary walking to swimming, or cycling, we learned they were born with, but I have learned along the way. And once learned, not watching them, we use them for life. There are many beautiful things in life that we do automatically that we are glad if by unfortunate circumstances, we lose those skills we would be very upset, without the joy that makes every day to be a pleasant one.