Sunday, January 12, 2014

Debt Life 2

I want to continue the debate on this theme not to be misunderstood. It is not socialism in any case! I do not like politics, and anyway, I'm right guidance. I can not imagine a normal life under communism.
Ace'a debt is debt that life has any man ace'a debt left by God:
-To have children, raise them and educate them;
-To help the poor around us;
-To teach the incompetent;

-To encourage the disappointed, etc..
There are many debts that man is alive. Some are small, and not a very serious if not satisfied. Others, however, can have serious repercussions on us and those around them if they are neglected. For example:
-If you play with fire in the house, we risk a devastating fire challenge both for us and for the neighbors.
-If we pollute our planet unconsciously, the consequences will be seen, just not immediately. Over the years, others will suffer because of us.
-If you do not respect the road laws we can hurt us, but others, or even to end much worse ...
There are many things that require special attention from each one of us. But the most important is the education they give the children or those who have the care.
I will give an example, may not the most relevant, but that you receive civic education which in the "seven years from home". Hm!
Examples are many. Talking, so the duty of life, the main duty education. If everyone in the measure, and listed a few: parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, mentors, social workers, etc., and would better educate those who have the care of them, certainly crime, lawlessness, malice, crap, selfishness, indifference would be much less among those around us.
And besides dirt visible to anyone that some of our countrymen do in public transport, in the street, in other places or ways, there are people without conscience, without "soul" sadistic. The latter, use violence, commit robbery, abuse of any kind, some of them dealing with kidnapping, abduction of children in order to turn them into slaves, beggars, or simply sell them for organs, as sold a lamb or calf obor. Others bands in real networks, of course, kidnap people and force them to work as slaves in various fields and places, or force them into prostitution. And it would be very, very much to say about it. And personally I think that if these individuals should be enjoyed in their childhood education and affection, and in their lives 90% of them would be what they are now.
It is true that the wickedness and iniquity existed since childhood our planet, and go to its end, but a society made up of educated people would have a very low crime rate. Children, especially, left unattended by their parents without having side EDUCATION HOME, HOME is made by parents will never be what it should be. There's the old "drunk of a father and a mother bitch came a baby (human) broken." On how truly appreciate every stay.
And if outside the family, so school, church, and other specialized institutions and would do full duty, things would be different in Romania.
Personally, as much as I can, I try to help. If I was not always as expected, it's normal, I'm a simple man. I hope, however, with the help of My God I can and can more.
There would be much to say, but for now, suffice.

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