Saturday, December 1, 2012

It is not enough to have the brain to understand something

Aware that I have lived for many years in the Third World. And I kept saying how good it is there, the good life led there, and what he looks that bad events happened last year there does not allow the return to 'paradise' or.
The problem is that man really believes what he says, every word. And not a man took the raft has broad general knowledge. Which makes me conclude that the accumulation of knowledge does not necessarily
mean a better understanding of the status quo, no higher intelligence, not even necessary gram offers humanity.
If mie imi is good, considering that all people are good, and that it should be, is a mistake of law. Maybe math, noting that we are more, we think it is good, however, mathematics can not be the sole basis of reason. Because I do not think anyone invented a mathematical formula for happiness, love, one humanity.
To go through dozens of villages decimated by disease, poverty and war, to see thousands of people turn into mummies alive, and get careless, thinking about: what good to me! Is selfishness what is measured? How could I see a paradise in an area where the people there have no power nor crying.
And ironically, there are still people who believe that slavery was a good thing for human progress. If they would try and slavery even a week, to see how it is, and then to talk!
The brain is an organ just like the heart, lungs, nose, mouth, feet, etc.. Finally, each with his powers. Although the brain is the most important organ in the entire human body, as the other can be replaced, it alone can not distinguish between right and wrong, between good and bad, between normal and abnormal, between human and animal. The soul is what this does.
Many, not understanding what is the soul, they attributed magical powers, considering it a separate entity, when it is actually a part of our consciousness, an area hard to explain but very important for humans. Soul that yearns for freedom, truth and justice. Too bad that many people choke putting selfishness soul voice above all.

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