Sunday, December 2, 2012

We are too arrogant

We are born beautiful and innocent, then grow large with time and learn more fool us, we become selfish and arrogant. An arrogance that goes on the operating table, because despite promises never known doctor.
But if all goes well, if there is money in the account, if it is food on the table, if we have health, if we and liquids (although you might like plain water), if we like to satisfy our lusts and pleasures, why not be proud?
Why our arrogance would not ascend to heaven, because comparing us with suckers starving we are one, I realized something, and that the strength and intellect.
But it strength and intellect alone lead to success above mentioned? If not air? If not water? If not health? If the operating table is the last road?
Every day breathing air, air that we've not invented. Every day we use water, the water that we not created. Every day we face many things we take for granted, as if it belongs to us straight, as if everything is for us and only us. Lot Oman forget their parents believe in themselves as was the duty of parents to make them, to nurture them, to sit at their bedside. Why? Because they are the center of the universe, that the world revolves around them, and they, and only they are all that matters.
But come the operating table. And maybe tomorrow will be just history, a mere statistic.
Arrogant look up and they say to herself: "I'm stronger than ever, stronger and more invincible, and nothing and nobody can stop me." But it stand in someone's mind, a mind that is hosted by a brain a brain is housed in a body. A body is mortal.
But what is death ?
As events in one day: go here and there, go up and go down, love and hate, we are happy and sad, cry and laugh, sigh and excited, but feel the sensation of pleasure and pain, etc.. But the evening tired, obsim badly and want to go to bed. If 'tomorrow' morning we wake up, and that if conditioning is not up to us, we will continue what I have done today, unless: bye! So that PA! is death.
And beyond death arrogance can not go, because she died with the man.

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