Monday, February 25, 2013

Doing good is not always easy

1. It's 2 am (02.00 I). Phone call. A good friend, friend of a lifetime you seek help immediately, is a desperate case. To travel to accept it, although stay away from you. Ignore the fact that you're famished and you get behind the wheel, no nothing but "A friend in need is knows" plus "if man when he needs help, the day may be too late"

But, the road makes its presence felt unexpected and does not come alone, comes with misfortune: a cart without signaling, and further you imagination.

The dilemma is: after a fatal accident such, we have the courage to help someone?

2. Another event. You have a sister, a cousin, a best friend that you place a punching bag for husband / her lover when he is under the influence of negative alpha content in a glass, we know that. And want to help this woman, a you advise why and how it provided refuge accept you, but you'll end up with the house on fire. Police come, give a symbolic fine woman under the influence of fear, panic, decide to return to her asshole. But you stay homeless.

The dilemma is point in trying to help?

Why do we put these two hypothetical cases? Because we can not always do good as we wanted, and yet not to do good, regardless of consequences means being selfish, and maybe one day unlucky for us, someone who could help you think, "so what?"

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