Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Many try few succeed

Like the Olympics. Take the example of athletes, they train every day, long before reaching the Olympics. And then once you are there, give my best, but one will take credit. And maybe have tried all the same, however, can not win all, not all succeed, although all attempts.

So in everyday life, the life of any man. We strive, work, sweat, tired physically and mentally, but we can not all be the best in our field, as not all artists to win an Oscar, as not all journalists won a Pulitzer Prize.

Hard work and endeavor does not mean success. Because we take the example of builders. Begin to build a house and do the book, just like them, ordinary workers are not good at spinning acts and acts, and they are almost ready house asks mayor to demolish. Why? An approval was missing. They may have worked day-light? They sweated it work? Probably yes, but to what avail?

If we try to find a mathematical formula for success, how would it look? It contains in it a new symbol at the chance (luck, chance)?

I've seen books on the market, books that explain the "secret of success". I even read one of them, but honestly last me cold. Vague explanations, many fillers, some evidence of success, success can not be applied generally, because deh! "Many try, few succeed" as biblical expression "many called, but few chosen."

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