Sunday, February 24, 2013

Religion, politics, money and war

A third world war?

What has politics, religion and a world war in common? Re: Money. In fact the money so much.

In our planet's history there have been many wars, but the main reasons were religion and wealth (money). Even some religious wars were all for wealth, because although ostensibly go to war on behalf of a religious ideal, in fact looting treasure was the main reason.

And how everything revolves this world revolves strictly around money, power it gives wealth, religion and politics are somehow made god Ban legs. Although it seems somewhat unlikely, a new world war is imminent. You do not have to be a prophet, not to be an Einstein, to observe next destination.


Most widespread religion in the world as Christianity. To think that the timing starts with the birth of Christ ... (4 years gap, but that's another story). And the current Christianity, what we have in our world is not that Christianity from the beginning, when the faithful were filled with awe and humility, but a full pagan pagan Christianity, egos and disinterested.

Priests, traditional Catholic and Orthodox countries and evangelical pastors in the world are not followers of Christ. Because Christ lived in the flesh of man almost 33 years on this earth, during which did not have the material goods than on his shirt. But priests and pastors, with imposing mansions, luxury cars, with trips to the Maldives, with so ... And believers (parishioners) follow in the footsteps of their Master, not after the Great Teacher.

But in this big world we have other religions, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.. Western believers began to mix cultures and religious doctrines, and so we Hindu and Buddhist influences by many so-called Christian homes. Maybe universalisation is good or not, especially as a forced universalization is announced by a long, long time.

But regardless of religion, man is selfish. Whether you choose to believe in god, evolution or alien in human egotism will personally benefit above all and all, and if need be and will step over the bodies. Saints have no place in this world, so to summarize faith today.


We do not want the policy adjusts our life, lifestyle, mentality, events, future. Nothing we like to think that a strong middle class support a nation. The reality is that the policy supports a nation good policy. But good policy can not be done than good politicians, and they are increasingly nonexistent.

We have an economic crisis, and we have a political one. And so began the great conflict, two world wars, but especially the latter.

There may be a combination of capitalism and socialism? It seems that yes, we can look a little to the north of Europe. But he might as well take a look and so, for what works in one area does not necessarily work in all. Socialist America will ever see? But capitalist Russia? Hard to say, but it tries a tepid. For a 'universal right' mixed capitalism with socialism, but he looks carefully will realize that behind every man dictate policy for better or worse. A harlot capitalism can equal the destruction of a communist socialism.

In Romania the transition from communism to democracy came a long way, perhaps too long, and after 22 years we're not ripe yet, do not even know what we want. In the first years of democracy we voted all the wolves, and then when I wanted to be better I voted with nonsense. And after a castle nonsense we've come to not have anyone to vote in these elections, preparing the way for a new era dictatorship because of three stupid crowd will vote for the most stupid of them.

What would have happened if years ago won a Vadim? What will happen if a few years we will have one Becali president? It is not hard to imagine. Still, I wonder how a country like Romania was ruled by a (I say) that Ceausescu? That is a whole herd of geniuses to be run by the village idiot ... who ever heard that? Perhaps the Romans, and others, as strange is this world of ours!


As always lack of money required actions, and as falling stock markets, the economy is on the brink, politicians argue the knuckle in place to bring solutions, the army found the way to discover some enemies, and the country must fight. That way, at the state level. Interests of the planet are much higher. Are secret organizations: some for every man to conquer and control other to keep balance, others for .. who knows?

They say there is a secret organization that fight fiercely to keep some people in severe poverty and others in luxury. The reason is that without striking contrasts world would not progress. And I wonder: we progressed towards us?

A united Europe and a united world. A beautiful ideal, a utopia. Still, some believe in it, and do everything possible to achieve this lofty goal. However, a united world can not unless you will be united under one leader, one language, one religion and one currency. And of course one flag (that to him waving on the moon - if you ever get there man, for real, not caricatures made in studios Huston).

But how to establish a new world order with a single language, religion, currency and president if the war? Just not the good word!

There's a war or not?

Religion wants money, wants money policy, ordinary people want money. We all want money. For money work for some stolen money, murder, cheating. Although money is a way of life, we live for money.

Religion has long sold money. When I say religion can not put in the same bucket all churches and all believers, but the vast majority of the big crowd that fills the earth. Politicians are corrupt, sold for money, for benefits. Maybe not all, again not put in the same pot all, but most follow the pattern.

The day when religion and politics form a single entity, the war will surely beat the door will be really begun.

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