Monday, April 1, 2013

60% of Romanians believe in the evil eye

The Romans believed there:
Soul 88%
Too bad 87%
Heaven 79%
Hell 75%
Devil 70%
Miracles 64%
Judgement 63%
Afterlife 53%
Evil eye 60%
People with special powers (predictors, healer, clairvoyant) 47%
Talisman 28%
Astrology, Astrology, horoscope 25%
Aliens 23%
Reincarnation 18%
Ciferele are drawn about the ears, but is something the Roman faith. The question you believe there is God? 94 of the respondents said yes.

Let's enjoy this information or not? If even half of those who responded affirmatively were believers: what country would be Romania! But the vast majority support the existence of God out of ignorance, out of habit (because it heard the old). As long as the evil eye and horoscopes are sources of faith understand that most of the respondents are taken away, they do not have a personal opinion, I do not explain why I believe or do not believe, do not seek and have never sought one existential response.
For thousands of years mankind has been driven by religion, whatever they. And lack of a strong man conceived beyond what you know. Then evolutionists wanted to remove belief in divinity, and their many followers you have shared ideas with no evidence, only faith, a faith based more on a desire not to accept anything beyond the visible, removing God from their minds.
Romanians consider themselves Christians but are not. They can not. The sign of the cross in front of the church and by simple faith that somewhere out there, there is a God, you can not. Christianity is so much more. Plus, as long as the evil eye, pagan superstition is still accepted by most Romans, Christianity is in name only.
The truth is that 90% of Romanians believe in something (whatever that something) detached, without commitment, without trying to understand why they do it, just do it, and so. Distant, no implication, no evidence, no logic, the mere habit and why not: from ignorance.
If we meditate on this kind of faith, a faith periphery, we find that: how a Christian ostensibly better a convinced Ates. No, supports atheism, but from what we call Christians, as a country, so long as we have no idea who and why we do it?

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