Monday, April 1, 2013

A monotonous life vs a hectic life

1. Most people live their lives in a monotonous, boring. Morning wake up drink their coffee with eyes still sleeping, eating something you have time and go easy to work. Crowd by trams and buses or subway, who has a car and a few minutes late already know that the road was filled with millions of other cars that will be a reason stuck in traffic. Then get to work and do what they did in past years, every day. Maybe happy are those who do not do the same thing every day, although they are few.

And many of these people want a changing of, some action, some intrigue, a bit of adrenaline. Some find adrenaline in the casino, others marc (na - see alcoholic beverage), others are crap which they then regret, but most dream of, just dreaming of Prince Charming and Ileana Cosânzeana - modern version, dreams that are super police, inventors, spies, reporters, mercenaries, athletes, singers, and who knows what.
2. At the opposite end are people who traisc their every moment of life on the edge. After years of normal were used to this style, only to have moments of lucidity when they want and live a normal life, a life where daily wake clock to ring at the same time and which have an almost fixed time when to get home and hug their husband / wife and children.
C. Between the two categories of people are those who do slalom through monotonous days and the maximum adrenaline filled. This lifestyle is weird, being on the border of normality. The thing is that I belong to the category Cleaned and therefore still dream of the day when I will have my own garden - orchard , and you work there, you live there and there.

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