Monday, April 1, 2013

All alone

We live on a big planet. Some find it too small though have no idea what is beyond the ocean, others believe that there are too many people on this planet, 'crazy' - I say.
We live in a country with 20 million inhabitants. I mean a lot. In Bucharest there are over 2 million people, or 10% of the population. However, in this sea of ​​people, it seems that some are unable to find middle. Now, depends on certain things enigmatic, paradoxes of life:

if we have too few people would be hard to find because the ranks quickly, if too many, again it's hard, because you can search for months in vain among crowds strange and foreign.
If people understand that "hell is other ', others will be in accordance call normality: a he and a she. Too many young people not only do mate, in fact even people at age 40 are all solo.
Is it because people want too much. I mean, I have a coworker, and he is a normal man without flaws, maybe if we call bodybuilding vice, then yes, has this flaw. But even exceeded 37 years is still lonely. He rejected several possibilities, because He wants a Julia Roberts , Claudia Schiffer , Kim Basinger and he knows what the world elite model. Now, between you and me, the beauty intergalactic would want him on the ground that her husband has no vices and he is a man hearted, tender, blah-blah-blah .. Let's face it: nose job is real. Meaning: see through your nose!
If men dreamer models would understand that there is no chance to keep his side a woman 'world', maybe they would switch to another type of woman. Same for women: men with money are few, and if you still find one, do not think you got the God of thy feet, for the man with money is what women want, at any time, ie, how beautiful you are you, will always find something more interesting and beautiful super sexier and more appealing.
So, wanting too much, or unreasonably, the man left all alone. 40 years and wonder: Why Lord? But the answer is next to him, right person, middle, is only a few feet away, just open your eyes, remove prejudices and pretensions. So.

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