Monday, April 1, 2013

Are homeless people?

Vasile Ion, a history teacher, a man fulfilled. Lead a good family life, gets along well with his wife, before he entered college with 9.90, (at that time not come by ferry), was a man so well integrated in society.
First hand
But since I had to work overtime (I tutor), because his family did not lack anything go, so
working till late, his wife - housewife - got bored and started to look for fulfillment elsewhere. When he found him collapsed sky.
Palma second
In a second, in a freak accident, his daughter passed away.
The shock was beyond the power of acceptance. He went crazy, and was hospitalized a year in psychiatry. Lucky for him - so to speak - a former student or counseling, and after a year was apt to society.
Just so people do not stay in place. His wife divorced him, drowning his sorrows in the arms of a man lost daughter May tenderly. Bank rates and maintenance of the block being paid: Farewell house. Teaching position was filled by another teacher, younger.
In normal man homeless
So in just a year or two rather became homeless former teacher. Life is beautiful, but when you hit a bad everything is.
What about the homeless?
Now that I discovered a secret hidden under our eyes, and we know that can homeless street corner was once a man like you and me, what? We care? And if we care about what we can do?
I see a homeless, quickly realize that there is a drugged or drunk that found its nest in the corner only for now, because I see a blanket beside him. Sun at 112. They say it is a bum and telling me to take it home.
I have 2 rooms: bedroom and living room. Sleep in the bedroom and in the living spend the day. I have 2 children, and even if you kept them neutered, that we have allowed to put their hands in dirt, yet I am afraid of certain contagious diseases: liver, lung, etc., which are transmitted disease amazingly fast.
So while the 112 call and tell them that a man is injured corner. Luckily said another operator. And after 40 minutes an ambulance comes. When paramedics see what it is telling me that it is not their competence, because even if they will take with them would not have received in the hospital. The only option would be a shelter, but not much can also find places (or be and those with bribes, I thought to myself). Ambulance driver tells me I have to pay to have come in vain. I refuse. Comes police, and argue with each other. After 10 minutes leaving everyone as they come. Homeless stay there, satisfied that he has not received a fine. That would be the height, where the mother and the massive May 1 paying it, or finally, that could make them for not paying, you went to jail?
We live in a vicious circle. So.

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