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Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, until the end of the age. "Amen. Matthew 28, vs. 19,20.
These are the last words of Christ recorded in the Gospel. A tip, a mission, a holy calling.
1. Why should a Christian to tell others about his faith?
2.Si what is evangelism?

1. When a man finds something good, positive, treasure, he normally will share with his family. How do Christians see in every man his neighbor, the world is a family, large family, good information is also normal, good news - Gospel - to be taken and others.
If anyone knows a way to be happy and he will not tell others give evidence of selfishness, which is unacceptable for Christian doctrine. For those Christians who have discovered God had to speak to others.
But, in Europe - the Christian, it seems that evangelism is pointless. I mean, as long as people are Christians, meaning they go to church, what's the point to be present the Gospel (good news - tr), because the gospel is the same. Yet millions of people go to church but have no idea what it says in the Gospel.
It is therefore a dilemma. Faithful beat their heads with those who say they believe in God or not? Especially since, for example, in Romania 90% support the existence of God.
2. Evangelism. This term defines any form by which a biblical truth, understood in a different way than widely is distributed masses.
The good news of the gospel is the responsibility of every Christian that has come to a better understanding of the Word of God. Normally this should be done by example own. But the methods are more:
internet, tips, through television, from house to house.
In early Christianity there were media methods, even letters could not send anyone. In that case the method used was from house to house. Today, in 2011, although there are dozens of methods that gives the best performance is all old: from house to house.
In a society in polls declare that Christian and atheist declare in open discussions in a society where God is seen as 'probably something up there', evangheizarea is more than necessary. However, since I live in Bucharest, and I'm almost 30 years, I have seen only Jehovah's Witnesses coming and asking me health, although in Romania operates dozens and hundreds of Christian denominations that support the biblical truth they hold.
Orthodox Church not know what to say or what to ask, they are capped and comfort with the idea that Romanians are Orthodox deluded herself. For faith in God is not measured in the number of lit candles in church, in the number of pilgrims who came to kiss a relic in the number of believers walking in church Easter night only.
From my point of view, and it is personal, because this blog is personal opinion, of cults and religions who call themselves Christian only Bible that some required conditions. And I would include: Baptists, Adventists, Pentecostals, cresini by Gospel, and several tiny without too many followers. But even in these religions, squeaky things, for all their parishioner who has a vision is a little different than the command center, is marginalized.
Those who want to be totally for God will understand sooner or later you have to tell others about their faith. And this will lead them to their answer and some questions.
I hit the believers belonging to the Jehovah's Witnesses movement. And they tried to convince me about the fact that Jehovah's Kingdom has already begun. Perhaps believing that their doctina not well known, or even just support their doctrine. Frankly I do not care what they think, but still I asked him "how it started Reagtul?" He replied, with some examples and historical data senseless and meaningless, perhaps made sense for him, for some people see order in chaos. If the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven - as they call it - would have started already, as it explains the fact that every day people die in car accidents, killed by disease, hunger, there is so much hatred in the world and enmity, and selfishness? Normal had no logical response.
And then I asked, "If you can not understand the obvious truth written in the Bible still marching in evangelism, Christians put their trust in God's Word why not?"
Is it because of the stigma? A fact that will be called sectors, repent? Well, if a Christian is ashamed of the name of Christ and Christ will be ashamed of him.

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