Monday, April 1, 2013

Life for my sister

Girl was ill. For another girl she was born for spare parts. Marrow, kidney, blood and more. Just for girl parts never wanted to be just a storehouse of supplies, but decided to seek justice in court.
This movie currently runs even acetate HBO, 'My Sister'.
Better. I want to talk about moral implications.
We have a sick child. And needs a kidney, bone, etc. Doctor recommends us to make another baby, scheduled Bags, 100% compatible with the child. In this way we can offer the child a chance at life that is going to die.

However, how far we go to save a life? During the war front, unwritten law is to not leave anyone behind. However, how many people must die to save himself? Is it normal to use a child's life to save another?
After years of suffering in hospitals, sick child that survived until now by sacrificing healthy child step, you decide: "Enough! I do not want. I do not want to live like that, that's not life. I do not want to be a burden to my sister. "
Are we prolonging life destroyed and overwhelmed ill chance at a normal life healthy child? I know it's heartbreaking, really do not know, just imagine, how tragic it can be to see how the baby is visibly off, but worth the sacrifice?
We live in a world full of drama, however, sometimes decisions need to take are more heartbreaking than drama sine.Copilul ill: "I'm tired of being a burden, because I see how everything is collapsing. I feel like I'm to blame, it's my fault, although I did not do anything wrong. I want to live, I'm afraid of death! But when I see the river occurred because of me, I prefer death, prefer to know that after my death things will return to normal and they will be again a fmilie, will live again life will enjoy life again. For I am a burden, and so I will always be. "
PS girl parts designed allowed to claim their life? Considering that if her sister would not have needed transplants it was not designed.

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