Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beautiful rose flower pungent

Flori.O beautiful vase of roses in the house brings nature closer to us. Bring beauty into our home.
Not everyone loves flowers, not everyone actually loves nature. For thenologizata company closed many children who later became mature people between concrete walls of blocks surrounded by other buildings. Far from nature, far from true beauty.

Generally things out of the human hand can not compete with the out of the hand of the Creator. Man can only arrange in a pleasant way what God gives.

Roses are beautiful and have a great parfun not have to be an expert to see this. But they have something spikes. Likely to occur. Their beauty winks and greedy man break and destroy. And no hand rose to defend or mouth to cry for help. Only spikes that occasionally scare many a man given to appetite.
For those who have the advantage to live in the country, or even in town but home to clean, roses are a real source of beauty. Plus in their petals can be prepared something sweet.

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