Sunday, November 18, 2012

Does mankind need a Superman?

Although tedious, the film Superman Returns, has a certain effect on people. Some people would like to be a superman, others want to be her Superman himself.
Yet Luis question: “does the world need Superman?” Is founded or not? We will see, the film said yes, but the film is at the discretion of writers, the truth can be shaped according to their opinion.
The film shows Superman as a god. The idea is not new, in many movies we see gods fighting with the evil in man’s behalf weak and mortal, see: Hercules, and others.
Considering that there is a Superman who could do many things in our tr
oubled world, he could solve two simultaneous catastrophic situations? Probably not, in fact, certainly not because even would fly at light speed still can not solve two serious situations from different locations into a single second. This prerogative belongs only to a higher god, a god that is not limited in space and time, just as this god can not be understood by humans, and people think it does not exist in reality. Human god are limited in power, a kind of powerful man, but still man, a man who resembles us, who feel that we, and who does not, in a particular situation,  do wrong like us. Is no longer count that as a demigod, a man-god, could become vengeful under certain circumstances, and can distroy humankind in a moment.
People do not need an almighty God, beyond the barriers of space and time, a God who created us, who sacrificed his Son for us, He learn us to not sin, which promised a reward somewhere in an unknown future, …. we want a God present to help us here and now, not the future.
We need heroes?
Why do we need them? Why we can not do alone?
Always hear people who do not have a habit of thinking too much, saying they would do just fain without police. So be it? How would they live without police? Going with the beat in hand, with sword and pistol at on belt neck? Going in a group of one hundred street? This can be called life? This can be called bloody street war?
Others, more “intelligent” argue that a man can advance spiritually
so much that it becomes god. The same lie that Satan whispered to Eve in Eden: “You will not die, you will become like God.” No matter how we advance spiritually, we will never be like god. Whether we choose to believe in His existence or not, the word “God” is something that indicates a power beyond our imagination.
Yes. We need heroes. We need heroes to remind us what it means kindness, altruism, self-sacrifice. We do not need a hero that never dies, because if he can not sacrifice his life, well, what he does not have a thousandth part of the value of one ordinary mortal that risk their lives in a fire, or in a collapsed tunnel, who may die in saving other lives.
A Superman that makes us forget of the true heroes, those who have not personal life, or if they have, is interrupted again and again by phone that  called them to duty, the duty to save lives, risking of their own. Watching the real heroes, those who live near us, because we always stay with eyes up looking for a god that may save us or not.
Man has always needed models and Superman seems to be one of the most successful. Europe and America can be at his feet, because the world has forgotten Christ, has forgotten why we celebrate Easter, has forget that God’s Son died for us. What interest you have for a carpenter killed on a cross 2000 years ago, when you have another example, human: Superman?
Yet, Superman will not always save lives because he is not master over life. If you believe in God, Superman will replace God in your life, if you not believe in God, Superman will inhibit your survival instincts, because always waiting to come from heaven to save you, you will not know to crossing the street properly.

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