Saturday, November 17, 2012

Electricity, absolute necessity

Beyond definitions and formulas basically "electricity" is widely used today all across the world.
From ordinary light bulb on television, from the refrigerator to the mobile phone, from personal use to the industry. In everything we do there is a need electricity. Medical equipment, design, archives,
records, banking, education, defense, food ........ (all) ..... if tomorrow would not have electricity, they would stop. And this would bring worldwide economic collapse.
Our entire civilization is based on electricity. Not for nothing, dozens of organizations draw attention to the seriousness "waste" electricity.
Imagine that morning light no longer lights, fridge died, computer break ... anything electrical or electronic stops working. Worldwide. Can you imagine that? It would mean the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of chaos. He fittest. Gangs (like barbarians, Tatars, etc.) attacking and looting everything they find, leaving behind mourning. Bloody wars and despotic dictatorships. Peace will disappear. New dark age will begin. That's because what is our society today, it would end.
So even though we boast of many in scientific discovery, with a high degree of civilization (refer to human rights, foundations, etc.), all are due to electricity and without which we would not have anything.

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