Saturday, November 17, 2012

Investment in science can be very profitable

Future areas: biochemistry, telecommunications, medical devices, and anything else that could revolutionize any particular domain.

Most people want to make a deal (business) that gives them an immediate profit. Therefore some areas (most profitable) are exploited and others - do not have investors.  It is only natural that when you start a business to think about money. Money is the outcome of a business, the primary motivation. But money, should not be the goal in itself.

Basically any business in any field, if is done like the book, it should make profit. But it is difficult to do business like the book.

Investment in science and research, may not be profitable from the first year. But a business in this field raises the foundation of a profitable business on long term. Development of infrastructure, staff  and equipment study itself - will do much more than just a simple profit.

Nobody ever can raise an empire from the ashes in just 6 months. But can start working on this. Business people or groups of investors can looking for an undeveloped area to invest in it. An investment in which scientists will come up with new and innovative solutions. - But for that scientists must be well paid.

For a successful business: Investing in people (employees) is required. Likewise, investment in equipment.

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