Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is coffee a drug against fatigue?

The fact that this substance, coffee is bad, especially in large quantities, it wrote. Fact that has positive things, more often.
Well, after 24 hours of labor comes to sleep in the middle of the road. But you still have 10 hours of shooting. Eyes are closed, his body shaking, the brain is dizzy, eyesight, ears begin to pop, and all
you want is to sleep. But you can not! Patria wants you up.
In CEST difficult time coffee is what keeps you from vertical. Coffee does nothing to remove energy from her secret dwellings, and give us the tray when we want (drink coffee). The body has large energy reserves but offers us not because they are the last frontier.
When we drink coffee substances in it, especially caffeine, begin to suck the sap our energy reinprospatandu. But CAUTION not to eat it all.
Once we see that we made ​​up completely exhausted. And if we continue with coffee and effort we could die standing. Coffee provides us with energy, all of us, but not for long. Have counsel.
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