Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lifetime opportunity

A tourist got lost in the desert. Ran out of water, struggling with every step you made. The road was becoming more difficult, because the water was over and he was dead of thirst.
And as he struggled to walk, began to have visions. And you see it? ... Water. At one point, like a ghost, a silhouette appeared. He was a man. What a joy, most likely will give to drink a sip of water.

Figure is proposed and looked at him. Tourist address is: "Give me to drink a sip of water or else I die in this desert!."
"Sorry," replied the figure, "but I did not water. Instead we have an offer for you. It offer your life. "And he stretched by hand saying," Here. This tie. It's free. Will use. "
Was also upset loud tourists. And he walked away, cursing the figure, dragging his feet because he could not walk normally.
After a while, he was about to crack, he saw something. Be dream or reality? .... And the latest effort come to that place of salvation. It was a hotel in the middle of the desert. Have some very tall fences and entrance was guarded by some soldiers with machine guns. Through the lattice see large portions pool with plenty of water and fountains ..... see seprator walked in, but was stopped by soldiers: "You do not get anyway. Dress code. No one comes without a tie! "
Lifetime opportunity. Chance of escape was tie and refused on this one, even cursed the one who wanted to help him.

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