Sunday, November 25, 2012

Looking woman in the kitchen?

Until yesterday's run a misogynistic "to the skillet woman." That was 'yesterday'. Today ladies can be patron, ministers, lawyers, policemen, etc .... ie women generally gained equality dreams. What is this equality, she does not know.

I know a woman who sits all day in the kitchen and surroundings. All day long washing, ironing, cooking, and washing again, again and again cook step. And if not that rinse, wash clean clothes again. True it seems a joke, a joke, but it is not.
I went yesterday to visit the family, I have not been there in a while. And the lady said we could not leave the yard stood by us. But not sitting, but standing. How to see a speck of dust on the pavement, take it as soon as the sweep. And when I say speck of dust I mean something small, something I never would have put him in mind even in 100 years. Then, table cloth wiped, then again take lightly sweep invisible dust, etc.
Their house is cleaner than in a pharmacy. I say it's very good. I do not say so, I say it is an obsession, an obsessive habit. Maybe some years ago this lady worked as a maid in the house of the king of Spain, otherwise I explain.
Okay, what do women lady liberty? What is she doing to the skillet? Be as freed slaves remained on the plantation but because they did not know which way to take?

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