Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To help others

A poor town in a poorer region of the United States. A large family in a squalid ghetto in a poverty.
Here in this area unworthy of attention, in the mind of a genius dwelt baby. And the child grew. Went barefoot in Soal, eating what he found when he found, his hainutele were some rags, and all the children laughed at him. But excel in school, especially math. And he taught until college was received.
Although having a heart due to raising social class part because of his skin color, because of medical problems caused by the days when he was hungry, because his yellow teeth due to many issues young man did not have the courage to step into the new world of student .

But received a scholarship, and if we take the inavatatura, could achieve something, something no parents, no brothers nor his grandparents have ever dreamed.
On his first day as a student gave an interview to a local newspaper. And among other things he said:
"If the good Lord will help me to succeed in life, to get high, to have money, I give half of my earnings to those in need. I want to help those who have nothing to eat, what to wear, what shoes are, how to buy a toothbrush or soap. Because I know what real poverty. I want to help those who suffer, those who do not have money for their health care and children abandoned by their parents, everyone. "
He graduated specific economy, and worked several years at a company. Then started on your own. He opened a company, and another one, and another one, and during the last 25 years of the interview was a rich man puterd. And lessons learned capitalist market economy: the competition was relentless.
One evening his wife fell to reap the bed. He took her to hospital, but doctors were unable nothing. And in tears he said, "Have a dollar milestones! What good if you can not save a life! What good can I die tomorrow? "
After his wife led the way last climbed in the car and told the driver to take him to town where he grew up, that town that I had forgotten for a long time. The streets were the same, all painted in the color of powerlessness and poverty, perhaps somewhat colored by junkies of dark corners.
Two different images: his childhood life and the life of luxury now. "What if you do not have someone to share success?"
The next day the town hall godforsaken received a donation of $ 1 billion for social assistance.

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