Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Value and reward

What is the value, or better said: what is the value of an object or person? The answer would be: what price to pay for that object or person.
A Picaso painting for me is a simple splotch something meaningless, sprang from the mind of a man very odd, yet the value of this painting is the sum that someone has paid for it, that is several million dollars. Or, buy a precious jewel, so expensive that I wear with great shyness and finesse, and some pride. In fact I was
tricked by the seller, my jewel is a fake rude, but I do not know that, I know that is very valuable, because I paid more for it.
Quality can be put equal to the value table. But even matter quality, value? If it was important they would seek would be rewarded. But it is not.
Children with potential, Olympians, which should be the pride of the country and the country's future are unheeded, maybe if they are lucky get attention somewhere below 100 Euro. On the opposite side we have mini fiddlers, children singing manele and are full of gold, royally rewarded those who bought them work. Can you say, "Well, but they produce a" yes produce, produce counterculture, dumb high, dumb. This produced.
Take the example online. Gossip, gossip ie, pornographic sites, forecasts and horoscopes: this is looking. How to ask the quality that? Portals of science and culture are struggling just to hold out on the market are often held by foundations, other compromise. Blogs are degenerate traffic and money remaining types in vain, perhaps themselves.
Value is not recognized, is not rewarded in this world. The best example is right next to us, among us. Mother. A woman grows, perhaps the only, 5 to 6 children is a real hero, not in the spirit of socialism infection, but in the spirit of humanity, the positive side is that humanity, humanity you lose each day runs. While also a woman who has one child, or none, is doing well, even laugh and gossip on one with many children saying: "Who put you up to so many children?" What limited mind! How silly to think so!
And yet, even bloggers think so. No wonder I'm sick of some of the leaders of the Roman hierarchy blogosphere, are mire and morass consider paradise, and it teaches us life lessons these below. At the time of our great-grandparents did men and 15 children. And one of the descendants of these children are even those who speak bad a woman born more than two children. Shame will be!
Value? Who has value, but do not expect recognition value to reward them.

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