Thursday, November 15, 2012


When we are faced with waiting for something or someone, often do not have patience, and I want to come faster.
And yet ... If this time comes, "dead", we do something else, eg a plan for the future, or to meditate on something nice, this 'time' is useful, and perhaps even useful, it is no longer a forfeit time.

Some years ago, I was hospitalized and I had only four days until discharge. I felt crazy, I felt dark, isolated ... I wanted to go faster there. And then that night I started to write poems. Over the next three days I copus 20 poems.
Yes, a talent discovered awaiting departure.
Here's a poem:
  • The wait would have been infinitely
  • I still hope I have
  • And at the end of the road
  • still waiting for mine.
  • Knowing what is patience,
  • I learned waiting,
  • And I was struck by grief
  • the waiting time, still stand.

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