Thursday, November 22, 2012

What were the biggest earthquakes in United States?

According to Wikipedia, list of earthquakes in the United States - since 1990.

DateStateMagnitudeFatalitiesFurther information

April 25–26, 1992California6.5 - 7.201992 Cape Mendocino earthquakes and tsunamis
June 28, 1992California7.331992 Landers earthquake
June 28, 1992California6.501992 Big Bear earthquake
March 25, 1993Oregon5.601993 Scotts Mills earthquake
January 17, 1994California6.7331994 Northridge earthquake
April 14, 1995Texas5.701995 Marathon earthquake
May 2, 1996Washington5.601996 Duvall earthquake
September 25, 1998Pennsylvania5.201998 Pymatuning earthquake
October 16, 1999California7.101999 Hector Mine earthquake
February 28, 2001Washington6.812001 Nisqually earthquake
November 3, 2002Alaska7.902002 Denali earthquake
April 29, 2003Alabama4.602003 Alabama earthquake
December 9, 2003Virginia4.502003 Virginia earthquake
December 22, 2003California6.522003 San Simeon earthquake
September 10, 2006Florida5.802006 Gulf of Mexico earthquake
October 15, 2006Hawaii6.702006 Hawaii earthquake
October 30, 2007California5.602007 Alum Rock earthquake
December 19, 2007Alaska7.202007 Andreanof Islands earthquake
April 18, 2008Illinois5.402008 Illinois earthquake
July 29, 2008California5.502008 Chino Hills earthquake
January 9, 2010California6.502010 Eureka earthquake
February 10, 2010Illinois3.802010 Illinois earthquake
July 7, 2010California5.402010 Borrego Springs earthquake
December 30, 2010Indiana3.802010 Indiana earthquake
August 22, 2011Colorado5.302011 Colorado earthquake
August 23, 2011Virginia5.802011 Virginia earthquake
September 2, 2011Alaska6.802011 Alaska earthquake
November 5, 2011Oklahoma5.602011 Oklahoma earthquake
October 16, 2012Maine4.002012 Maine earthquake

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