Monday, November 26, 2012

Where is feminine in high obesity?

She is 330 pounds and wants to put fat on it. What could cause a woman to do this? Perhaps madness. I understand that food is a pleasure 'innocent' life, but you look like an elephant, you can not enter the door, to be seen as a monster to your own health kidding? Well sanatosa mind could not like something is abnormal.

It does not take a genius to realize that at 330 pounds. you can not have a normal life. There is also the option that she had tried to lose weight and failing wants revenge on her life this way. Poor woman probably has not seen the ads on blogs in Romania, as you can lose weight in three weeks tens and hundreds of pounds .... would be out cheaper.
She says: "The more I gain weight more I feel better, more confident, more sexy." Sexy????? How a woman look sexy at 333Kg? I do not want to imagine.
Usually experts do not believe everything I say, but maybe also have something right when talking about body weight, about the harmful effects of fat in the diet. I gave up meat a few weeks ( why ), so I can not reach unless obesity thyroid goes haywire. I 1.73 m and 84 kg, I show you how ubiquitous a woman of 150 kg? Not to mention the monster of 330Kg.
Finally, just eat breakfast 6 eggs fried in butter and pound. ham ......

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