Friday, November 16, 2012

Worker status - rascality

Being a simple worker to do your your job to see you in 'your thing does not seem very hard. Yet, for a simple hardworking to make it very difficult respected.
Whether you work for the employer or budget rarely happen to find a supervisor who knows, and
coordinate work and respect subordinates. And the financial crisis and thus increasing the number of unemployed has hit Romania, has only served to increase social differences.
There are thousands of situations where mucitorii are held without the benefit of overtime pay those overtime. And need support. Slogan: "Do you agree, you can go" is widely used and is effective. Where you do find another job? So often much support worker fear of him entering and among the unemployed. Percentage of those who did not rate the bank is small and a eventula dismissal would be disastrous.
Then and unskilled workers, whose income in very few cases reach 1,000 lei / month. And although their work is necessary, I never heard a woman to be respected service or as a Painter help to have some discretion.
Compliance worker in a society where money dictates only certain functions and ranks, they do not find the site.
Even some doctors or lawyers relating to sick to ordinary workers, considering IU chaff.
The vast majority of young people from Romania, no moral values. Their idols, gender and other Mahari Becali, we indepateaza increasingly civilization. I do not know how many of the young people to become chefs dream school or will be zidari.Toti employers or at least managers. And how everyone just loves money, regardless of the source, we wonder nothing.

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