Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Courage to be different

Not always "what is right" was on the side of many. The same happens with many aspects of our behavior.
I do not listen to such songs, although my neighborhood this kind is heard frequently, and often is heard through the glass. Although I do not agree that this noise can be called music, respect liking my
neighbors just can not be like them.
Another example would be the fact that many throw the packaging of a pack of cigarettes, chewing or packet of biscuits down. That is as small as a paper I put the basket, wake surprise some.
The same happens when a girl does not want to flaunt their cleavage or wear a longer skirt. Will be regarded as a freak.
But the courage to be different situations unfold critice.Atunci you're faced with a situation time and your decision, although right and good will make you lose the respect of others ....
free thinking!

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