Saturday, November 17, 2012

Partition in divorce

Separation, divorce, alienation .... words I want to use them in our law. Yet life can bring and also troubles. Whether it's our fault or not, often split is the only solution.
When a man and a woman are united by marriage, becoming a couple, life seems rosy. But divorce is the opposite side, the dark side of life as a couple.
Words spoken after divorce:

  • was the happiest day of my life!
  • the greatest tragedy of my life!
  • I think not escape.
  • finally free!
  • a disaster, I did not know such a thing exists.
  • the release, got rid of pain!
  • children sin ...
  • Now children can be happy.
  • I did it for the children.
  • I do not want to remarry.
  • I look for someone else.
  • Starting as life goes.
  • are not unique.
  • what to do now?
  • Why just me?
  • family was with me the whole time.
  • like God intended.
Division of joint property may be amicable or court. The recommended it amicably. But if this is not possible and must be used legally is better to choose a good lawyer. Although it is not under penalty of rejection can help by participating in negotiations, obtaining agreements, presentation of evidence, drafting documents ......

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