Sunday, November 18, 2012

We live to eat or eat to live?

Food is one of the pleasures of life, a pleasure that some people did not allow it, and for others it may only pleasure.
Food is needed of living, because man can not live without eating. Food gives us the fuel we need just like a car needs gasoline / diesel. A car designed to go gasoline factory will not have to go diesel. Exactly man, a certain type of food will give daily energy needs.

If the world's poor people would eat anything but not really in the prosperous people do not eat only what they need, but swallow all the crap and unhealthy chemicals, all in a race stunned by pleasure: the pleasure of taste.
In recent years food, prepared foods taste increasingly better, but this is far from health, because good taste is not necessarily healthy. Gluten, a substance artificially propagated, also called delicious. Such added gluten and other 'Spice' any food, but nutritionally poor would be, or how abnormal to be consumed, is a true delight.
Even ordinary bread no longer manufactured as factory-time grandparents, gluten added any bread dough makes a "worthy" of being consumed.
Good taste of food becomes an addiction increasingly larger with each passing day, thus reaching modern man slave taste, pleasure of eating. And paote is nothing wrong with that, just occasionally we should think, eat to live or live to eat?
For some people, who unfortunately suffered in their childhood in larger or smaller proportions of hunger, once we mature, their own money, do their best to eat in abundance, an abundance of unhealthy indulgence, abnormal illness brings and suffering. Because food plays a role, there are some rules of supply, and any excess damage. And nothing we deceive ourselves calling "a small pleasure of life" carousing, because ultimately we need to sustain life food, not pleasure.

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