Tuesday, March 5, 2013

At school we use?

Why do students go to school?

I wonder, too, that a man passed several years in various schools.

If the first class learned something from each, that to not die stupid (as if someone dies smart) are dull all through high school. Well, if I want to do psychology as tormented me to study full or functions? Finally, it may not be the best example.

The idea is that in school learn a lot. And if I, as a student, I do not claim to become an ambulance Wikipedia, why should I still fill your head with thousands of laws and theories that I will not ever use? I graduated high school
10 years ago. From then until today I never used a full. Even once I calculated how many hydrogen molecules are dispersed into the air when a chemical reaction involving what it implies, for whatever chemistry was for me a very foreign language.

Better. Go to school. In my day it was a little different now though: smartphones, tablets, cars, clothes, company, trick as cover. Not to mention the fact that many come to school at home bored. Slightly more cross the threshold of educational institutions to teach better, to have a chance in the future. And even they, those that dull elbows banks with dull books and computers in search of answers, the desire to know as much as what the future may have her chance? A bright future for time wasters, thieves, deceivers and fools with diplomas taken Worse. And future sour dark for those who know only that I know nothing, or rather just know it.

I think however, that there is a difference between a Construction Worker overwhelming with 4 classes and one high school or college (made real - not listed as crew by the pool). I mean, the guy who does not know the name of the card in hand, and would more than likely site has. But who knows, even is you hope. And that hope matters. At least for me.

PS you book, you get. Part of imagination.

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