Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blogger Testimoniales 2

Testimoniales 1 has another title, but do not alter it: Memoirs of a blogger.

Speaking tonight at dinner with my wife asked me about her blog:
-Well, and what you write there?

Normally, it is not the least bit interested in blogs or social networks.

I answered:

-I write what I think of. Stuff lived, seen, ideas, opinions, and anything else.

-Well, someone is looking for you? Read someone?

Now deh! For those who read me read me read, that my virtual friends. Google comes one, the other, on different keywords. But anyway, someone, sometime, you might find something of interest. Even a trail of idea or something.

An example:
Buy shoes with a higher number.

Well why? Why would I do that? Simple. Because if winter brings clothes and bitter cold, maybe put a pair of thick socks, cold boot can still squeeze (contract). That. Not because of fashion .

That, and anyone looking for something like boots for the winter issue. And get there, and how to buy alpha: a higher number. It is good that we scirs not? Otherwise buy boots man and he fixed fixed feet freeze in winter.

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