Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Earthquake me dizzy

May and I slept! Oh and that dream! And what good was in a dream, how lovely, what peace, what images! And suddenly, I started to swing, to be rocked by the waves, and that soon everything quickly and suddenly stop.

I jumped like burned as if I was in another world, one directed by himself in my brain! I know in an instant that is earthquake because deh! dream was not water, but on land, grass and trees, with girls (faces) known,
or finally, because I forgot what I dreamed, I just know he was super nice. way! Have you ever dreamed something so beautiful , captivating, that you will not want to wake up from the dream?

How much is my house not concrete but brick, and constructed so that socialist, normally I fear these tectonic movements. Cranes we know it is coming, you quickly run out.'s Just that my children are small, how to explain? And soon to .... suddenly stopped. Oh so good! Good to stop! Nor ever more vivid to us, however are not well received, more cutremurule more!

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