Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Euro crisis and the global economy

According (a romania news-site): G20 leaders want EU summit on October 23 to make a strategy, a viable plan for resolving the crisis. They believe that this would be the last time, last chance for the Euro, and even the world economy.

Good or bad? The global economy is not so global, that you look like a little world. Maybe so consider them, but I for one do not see how it will affect the big hair and even scholarships currencies: Euro and dollar on the ultra
poor areas of the world. For example, villages, said improper villages, some huts arranged chaotically in Angola, Sudan, Cambodia, etc.. Provide poor that do not have water to drink. What he influences them exchange rate, or the fact that America is bankrupt? Nothing. That, poor thing, had to eat yesterday, have no today and no tomorrow, without any connection to the world economy, which is actually not the world, but only a few countries in the world, that the world keeps Monopoly.

On our planet there are over 7 billion people. But only 10% are doing relatively well. And only 0.0001% are wealthy, that have all they need and have need of a job.

Now I come and ask a question. Who is planet Earth? Normal would be to answer it all. But the truth is that it is only some wonderful planet. So.

So. Suppose that on October 23 the world economy collapses. So what? 3 billion people are hungry every day. Now it's time to do the rest. I mean those who lived somewhat decent without caring about the suffering of more than half the planet.

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