Saturday, March 23, 2013

Faith and love

Who knows not love? Who probably has never loved, who never really loved. When you really love and you walked away from your love one day price when you come back can not wait to review beloved soul, sit on thorns until the happy moment, and when you finally get near the person you love you want to stay there forever .

Faith in God, faith in the true God, love is like explained above
. Those who claim belief in God but do not know love, they deceive themselves. Apart from rules, dogmas, of feelings, of logic, of iamaginatie and everything else, love is the most important part of faith, it is the soul of faith.

Once you have tasted the sweet fruit of true faith (love of God) nothing stop thanks. Neither riches of this world, neither fame nor honor, nor anything all that this world can offer. Just the thought of eternity in the company of a loved one, in this case, God.

But to love God we need to know, to live near it, to understand, to know what he wants, and for that you have to ask, because nobody is born learned. But who to ask God? The great theologians? Their answer will leave a bitter taste, a bitterness sent to them from generation to generation to all who put their trust in him theologians and a place to put the Lord. Why do not you ask him directly? Do you think you will not answer?

In the Christian world today we see so much debauchery tolerated churches, those churches that consider themselves keepers of truth, which is considered high on the foundation of the Apostles, which will be light to the world. I wonder if Christ or the Apostles were alive today and could see how millions of their descendants are called, what would he say?

But the worst thing in the Christian era we find is that the beam from your own eye can not see, but see microscopic speck from the Wise Eyes around us. And this show clearly and beyond any doubles that missing love, and without love faith is dry, rotten, worthless form.

A voice spoke long truths, truths that have inspired thousands of people to the faith. Then that voice has lost the way, got lost in the big city of amalgam with the world. And those who listened to the beautiful speech years ago are ready to throw the stone deadly, just like on a criminal, a cancer that must be exterminated. Love, seen as missing out.

But millions of people are called Christians. Churches, some are full to the brim, and the higher ground CEST others, to have the man where he was going. Poor sanctuaries! The walls could talk, chase them from their homes, because they come without love nothing in the sanctuary.

The name Christian, pagan acts, we step 'before towards eternal, only the eternal is another way.

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