Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faith, churches and relics

If you start to roam the country will see dozens, if not hundreds, of church construction. Not the same thing can be said about schools or hospitals: at least one piece of each, as well as!

But no. Faith is great, probably, in Romania, for as long as they build churches, one after another! Yet! The church crowd hardly novel, with some exceptions. What are those? Simple:

  • Elders, because they know that no more than went through this world, and must somehow prepare for beyond.

  • People in need. Those not find support in the visible world to the invisible seeking help. And since not all have the courage to turn to healers and witches, the church Oops!

  • Those who want something. Whether you take the exam, either go well with them in the house or winning the lottery jackpot, either .... Who knows what is in the minds of some.

But faith, weak, weak still. But when it comes to relics, you know nene! Something tail meat during communism. Their mouth to kiss some bones of saints, as it will get much better in the not too distant future.

When I think of midwives in this barbaric ritual without logic, I can laugh. But do not, because it's not good to laugh at the stupidity of others. Someone said: "You can not laugh at man crazy, stupid or ill. Only old people and drunks. The elderly, because maybe you have and you old and the drunkards: and they did it with their hands. "

If it means to be faithful to kiss the glass shrine, then I'm not a believer. Plus, who does all over the world that can decide whether saint whose bones are worshiped even was a saint. Permanently What is a saint? A man who gave up things human, transient, in lust of the flesh, the desire after enrichment, and that all his life he tried to do what is right, who talked to his Creator. I mean, come from another dimension, if we can call it that. Hehe a saint. Not like me or like you, who are reading this, most likely.

And nobody can decide who is truly holy, only God can do that, but to worship as one's bones? Very stupid! And they say it's a Christian. Crestinseste uneducated mind of some.

Faith, church and relics. Not bind too. To believe is to entrust yourself to something, a thought, a picture, a form of expression, and so on Faith may be many things, but a belief without logic, be it a simple earthly logic, if not faith.

Church. A single institution that has lost much value and role. If we look at those who are spiritual guides of the people we see as not really there is no connection between the Bible and say the word that occurs in churches. What's fortunes are convinced that the church could raise tens and hundreds of schools and hospitals, and all the money the church could maintain tens and hundreds of years from now. But the church is not only a great deal, both . A business that uses holy to collect treasures on earth.

Relics. Well, relics are living proof that the church dull masses fooled them in so that they no longer have any ounce of reason. Believe what the church tells them no matter how strange it would be precepts.

I told myself. I believe to be true, because I am firmly convinced that evolution foisted on us is not only a great quackery. But to be faithful as my reason I ask because there is a reason God gave me brain. Do not go to church, I believe this waste of time. And most importantly, I will not kiss and stern relics unless I lose my mind, which is very likely in this century, not speed nor the information, but the higher the rank stupidity of science and faith.

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