Sunday, March 3, 2013

Her mother arrogance!

I have a boss at work .... mother of chief!
So I am more directly on the blog, because his take and say nothing, because stupidity is not measured in arrogance.
What is arrogance? Well something wrong, something about which he wrote and Patowith some days ago.

I do not want him on Pato Hardware, I just, I do not k
now what I want, the idea is that this head of mine is unique, no. That he is "very much, because deh! "'s Great garden full of ..."

What pissed me most is not arrogance itself, but stupidity. For if it were an Einstein No offense, but you, you think just because someone placed higher up gave to you a warm place, and now you're king, about Aire. I wanted to tell:

"Oh! illiterate asshole! If I meet on the street or I would not have given a spit on you! "

But I quiet better.

PS I have too many bosses. And even if by some miracle someone would read this blog would not know who he is talking about so I can not get the warning.

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