Sunday, March 3, 2013

Increases and cheaper, option: pay, pay, pay

So. Because I do not think so. That is how all? And LCD, and windows, and refrigerator?
Why to rise, for then to get a break? For bigger father who buys LCDs or insulated, and refrigerators de'alea of people stupid? Let the LCD cica see better game, or movie, glass is good, as deh!, That if you have a "corn", as not look at a picture of your room and go.
But de'alea large refrigerators? Well why buy this? What to put in it, the water cold?
Well winter comes, you can remove the glass and it's ice mocha, without consumption. Who buy the Beko double with a thousand orders? Can Tiriac, Becali or Patricius, as otherwise I can not see who. Faster man buys a refrigerator de'ala small, you can take with you on trips.
Not to mention the clothes. Well the Chinese were to make these clothes ton and sell them cheaper than a pound 'of potatoes, what's dresses novel mister? If you want something good, Romanian, have to work two months to buy a good stitch a shoe capable, and in these two months, what you eat, how you pay to banks, utilities, other stuff?
Conclusion! Well said in that commercial with: What do Miss? Pay, pay, pay., Or other: Expensive Domain 'expensive! Beyond it was cheaper!

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